A New York based Freelance Photographer; self taught with a background in Event Photography and Journalism, since 2009.  I had the privilege and honor to shoot along side with some of the most talented and renowned photographers in the New York area.  My enjoyment and love for photography lie in the ‘moments’.  I aim to beautifully capture your memories, in the style of candid/documentation photography.  I find doing this, its a gift to the heart, soul and our emotions; because it enables us to reconnect with our memories, forever!  In addition, a photographer is not just a photographer, but we are also part of the memory; which makes our job so profound.  I am incredibly friendly, relaxed and try where I can to remain in the background, to capture the real moments of your event and I will provide minimal instruction to make sure I don’t miss those must have shots!  My goal in photography is to provide the best service I can offer for each client per investment; making your lifetime of memories affordable! 

I hope you enjoy my photos and this site.  Glory be to God and thank you for visiting!


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